Disasters can strike at any minute, Is your Business prepared? Over the last several years there have been more reported malicious attacks towards businesses, stealing data, taking your data hostage, causing downtime of hours sometimes days and even weeks. How much can your business afford to lose? Being down for hours, days, weeks can cost tens of thousands of dollars! Worst of all it can cause an unprepared business to shut their doors for good. The statistics do not lie. A common misconception is that if you have your data in the cloud you are protected and don’t need a backup system in place. Unfortunately this is not true.

Not all backup and disaster recovery systems are created equal. Things to consider when choosing what is right for your business are:

  1. How long can you afford to be down? How much money are you losing per hour by being down? Having a cloud backup is nice, however if you have 100s of gigs of data in the cloud, this could potentially take hours if not days to recover it all.
  2. Do you want your data protected, or do you want your entire infrastructure protected? It is easy to setup a backup application and an external usb drive to backup your important files, however this does not protect your infrastructure. For example if you have a domain controller, exchange server, sql server in your environment a simple file level backup will not suffice. We have solutions that can have your servers physical or virtual restored in a virtual environment in minutes.
  3. How will your customers be affected? Do you have a customer facing application servers? If you go down, will your customers be able to access your systems or their data?
  4. Do you have a plan in place for a natural disaster ( fire, flood, etc)? We can work with you to establish collocation space in one of our data center partners. If your building is affected by a natural disaster, it means business can go on with little to no extra effort.

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